A legacy that you can see and feel in the leaders of our organization, in our communities and in the successful stories of thousands of boys, girls and young ones that we have impacted for the last 50 years. This is a legacy that through our educational program and post-secondary support, development of carriers, entrepreneurism and family strengthening creates a social and economic benefit to the country.

Un legado que se ve y se siente en los líderes de nuestra organización, en nuestras comunidades y en las historias de éxito de miles de niños, niñas y jóvenes que hemos impactado en los pasados 50 años. Es un legado que, a través de nuestros programas de educación, apoyo postsecundario, desarrollo de carreras, empresarismo y
fortalecimiento familiar, genera un beneficio
social y económico al pais.

The power of our legacy

Ruth Custodio

Ruth Custodio is a warrior. She is the young leader of pure intentions that the world needs. Ruth acts with her heart in one hand and in the other she carries the justice with which she seeks to protect the oppressed. She was chosen as Youth of the Year 2018 from the Boys & Girls … Continue reading Ruth Custodio

Gerald Rodríguez Stuart

Gerald Rodríguez Stuart is a hardworking, kind and sociable young man. He enjoys laughing because "the best thing God created was the ability to laugh". It's not hard to understand why he was chosen as the Youth of the Year 2018 in his Carolina Club, where he has been participating for eight years now. "I … Continue reading Gerald Rodríguez Stuart

Jordan Esponda

Just looking at him you can identify the warmth and safety in Jordan Esponda's reflection. His great smile and a certainty only radiates from those who feel pride of what they present to the world. His warmth and security are the qualities that helped him become the 2018 Youth of the Year of Isabela’s Boys … Continue reading Jordan Esponda

Danielie Rivero

By Ana Castillo Muñoz When Danielie Rivero began her senior year, she was demotivated by a family situation. According to her, she was always a reserved young woman who could not hold a conversation with someone she had conflicts with in the past. Danielie was a girl with few or no friends, but one day … Continue reading Danielie Rivero

Abel Matos

By Ana Castillo Muñoz Nights are synonymous of change for Abel. One night, he entered his mother’s bedroom. The television was turned on. Suddenly, he noticed a familiar scene. He got scared. It was his uncle’s car, who that night got out from home to work in Puerto Rico’s Medical Center. He was killed in … Continue reading Abel Matos

Kiara Velázquez Gómez

Kiara: The pride of her family By Ana Castillo Muñoz Kiara Velázquez Gómez's shyness is noticeable from above her clothes. If there was something she was afraid of it was speaking in public. For that reason, the Boys & Girls Club was a development space for her. "I consider myself to be a very shy … Continue reading Kiara Velázquez Gómez

Larry Laracuente

By Ana Castillo Muñoz “Every day, I arrive at the Club with enthusiasm and a smile. As a youth, I do have worries and problems. But I left them away because I want to pass my optimism on people”, says Larry Laracuente, Youth of the Year of our Club in Mayagüez. In the Club, everyone … Continue reading Larry Laracuente

Indira Gerena

Indira Gerena is a sportswoman who practices volleyball, basketball and softball. She was selected as Youth of the Year of the Boys & Girls Club of Arecibo, a coastal city known as the Captain’s Correa Villa. Yes! Indira emerges from lands conquered by captains and she herself belong to this list. Indira feels no fear … Continue reading Indira Gerena