With the pandemic, the needs of our children and young people have been magnified in things that we take for granted and that they have been missing: articles for the prevention of COVID-19, tools to receive virtual educational services and food. This is the reality of 90% of our participants who live in poverty.

Living in poverty means that our young people grow up in families that do not have enough income to cover their basic needs for quality education, food, health services, transportation, among others. As a result, they develop with academic lag, limitations in physical and emotional health, difficulty in accessing opportunities for personal and professional growth, and hopelessness.

Today more than ever they need your support to continue dreaming and achieving their goals.



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More than 50 years

at the service of children and youth in Puerto Rico. The more than 12,000 boys, girls and young people that we attend after school hours through our 11 Clubs, from Vieques to Mayagüez, and who benefit from our programs and services, need your help. Only then can they continue to receive them virtually and in person. We are counting on you!