Our Allies

TACOTHON by Taco Bell

Taco Bell launched their first Tacothon Week in benefit of Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico. A 360º campaign was launched with promotional pieces, a media tour and influencers that enhanced the effort. After 56,764 tacos were sold, the campaign raised $15,000 for our programs and services. 


A partnership with Mastercard’s Girls4Tech Program allowed our participants to receive weeks of workshop and activities around STEM, an education program focus on science, technology and engineering to girls from 8 to 13 years old.  This interactive, hands-on curriculum

Inspire young girls to build STEM skills that will help them become leaders of tomorrow.


Protex and Colgate donated 25 cents from each sale to sponsor services at our Clubs. The campaign raised $20,000.

Culinary U

A virtual culinary class by chef Raúl Correa as support to Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico was celebrated in October with a new ally: CulinaryU.  Our Board of Directors, new donors and food and philanthropy enthusiasts participated of the interactive experience.

Compartiendo Bendiciones Campaign

Dr. Anna Di Marco from Ponce with her son Francesco, created this campaign with 27 professional mothers and their children to raise $2,000 per family for a total of $40,000, to support our services as an example of philanthropy to their families and friends and to create community outreach awareness.

United Way Give Away School Supplies and Sr. Paleta

United Way provided school supplies to our participants to continue the school year virtually from home.  Sr. Paleta gave the participants their delicious paletas. 


Mr. Special Supermarkets sponsored our Clubs and services through the sale of a 2021 calendar with our participants as stars of each month. 



Anaís García, our 2020 Youth of the Year, offered a special message in the name of our children, young and their families, thanking our leaders and professionals for their commitment to their work and dedication as investors of our organization.

Popular Bank 5K 

Banco Popular celebrated their first virtual 5K and donated $20,000 to sponsor our virtual education services and Food Program.


Aprendes Foundation

Aprendes Foundation donated $5,000 to sponsor virtual art services and at home art materials for our kids.


Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas (CPN)

Students from Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas (CPN) sponsor virtual education services through a $8,500 dollars donation. 

Artists for Puerto Rico

Artists for Puerto Rico donated $6,200 from a virtual art auction in favor our children at Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico.

Fundación Segarra Boerman e Hijos

In April 2019, Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico received from the Segarra Boerman e Hijos Foundation a donation of $ 15,000 per year for three years, in support of mental health services complemented with Fine Arts workshops at the center located in Vieques, Puerto Rich. Our long-term expectation is that our participants develop their self-esteem and positive emotional health, so that they can achieve their academic, professional and personal goals and thus increase their financial security. We will define as success: 1) the expression of the participants, letting us know that they have had a notable improvement in their well-being, 2) changes towards the positive as documented in the tool that we propose to develop to document the progress of the participants. We received the donation for 2020. 


DDB Latina Puerto Rico

DDB Latina Puerto Rico, our corporate sponsor, donated $10,000 from their efforts of local branding to support virtual services during COVID-19 crisis. 


Puma, one of DDB Latina clients sponsored with $5,000 services during COVID-19, the power of partnership. 

PR X PR Vieques

PR x PR support the Food Program in our Vieques Club with a donation of $24,000.


AT&T donated $10,000 to support the Food Program.


To support our Food Program, Herbalife donated $25,000.

Energy New Fortress

Promoted the participation of our Club in Bayamon on the World Robotics Exchange Competition.

Act 20/22 Society

The group donated 168 tablets and computers to support our virtual education program. 


The firm donated $5,700 to support our virtual education program. 



Sarco continues the compromise to support our mission and donated $50,000 for our Clubs.

A Friends Foundation

Donated $5,000 to support our services. 

Recognition to Partners

MCS Foundation- Grant will support our educational program, its virtual programming and the supplies and equipment as preparedness for a safety comeback to Clubs.

Amgen- Grant will support our DIY STEM program which aims to expose children ages 9 to 12 to fun and practical learning experiences based on the exploration and research of topics related to science

Liberty Foundation- celebrated their first Virtual Golf Tournament. Their grant will support our Educational and Prevention Programs.

Walmart – As part of their racial equity support, their grant will go towards our educational program with emphasis in our post-secondary program.

Empresas Fonalledas/Programa Mano Amiga – Grant will support our educational program and its virtual programming.

T-Mobile – Wireless connectivity was provided to 113 families from the school at Vimenti by Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico.