While our participants await the reopening of our Clubs, we continue bringing our progamming to their homes as close as it may be at the Clubs. 

As uncertainty through and beyond COVID-19 continues in our communities, more children, young people and their families are benefiting from the virtual programming we are offering through our platform Edúcate en casa (Education at Home) and videoconferences. Their need to manage this crisis, keep their spirit strong and their hope of better futures is real.  

Along with the educational services and activities we are offering, our participants are getting emotional support, career mentoring, recreation and wellness sessions. After six weeks of our COVID-19 response, these are the results of the distance learning and holistic experience we are providing our participants and families: 


After the cancelation of our main fundraising event, Youth of the Year due to COVID-19 and the emergency itself, this new fund and hope raising effort is more crucial than ever. Join us as a corporate sponsor or be a personal CHAMPION for our children and youth! Let’s win together! 

To continue providing our participants these services, we launched Clubs to the Rescue fundraising campaign three weeks ago. We remain steadfast to reopen our Clubs as soon as this crisis allows us, and be ready to deal with a new post-pandemic reality, we launched Clubs to the Rescue fundraising campaign three weeks ago. Thanks to the support of people like you and corporations such as TOTE Maritime and Burger King, the campaign has raised $182,784.00 of its $600,000.00 goal. We need more champions to join us in our mission of reducing the educational gap and eradicating child poverty in our vulnerable communities. 

Clubs to the Rescue