Even though Youth of the Year event was canceled after COVID-19, Youth of the Year continues working as our signature leadership and recognition program. Actually, Youth of the Year’s delegates keep on their preparation through boot camps with life coaches, writers, actors and motivational speakers. These mentors empower participants to tell and share their remarkable stories of overcoming adversity and succeed in life.

Boot Camp
During last week's virtual boot camp, participants heard the inspiring story of entertainment producer Joseantonio Mellado and got a final acting workshop with director Antonio Morales (bottom of picture). As part of the judging panel, producer Joseantonio Mellado Jr, Betty González (from Hilton's communications team) and actor Braulio Castillo interviewed participants and gave feedback on their performances (top of picture).

On May 28th, 2020 we will hold the Youth of the Year 2020 selection virtually. A virtual panel will choose our official Youth of the Year 2020, who will become our ambassador locally and abroad. As part of their evaluation, participants will recite a speech on how Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico has changed their lives, and how they visualize youth and themselves in a challenging world. Take part in their inspiring journeys! Our Clubs to the Rescue effort is for them, too! 

Ángel Hilderand, Youth of the Year 2019, speaks on behalf our children and young people coping with the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19.

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