Offer children and youth hope for a better future and opportunities for them to develop to their full potential.


Offer a safe and creative place where we help develop children and youth to become leaders who achieve their academic, personal and professional goals. We provide them with the necessary tools to create and / or obtain a satisfactory job so that they can attain economic security.

  • 9 out of 10 BGCPR participants live in poverty
  • 81% of our participants families have annual incomes of less than $15,000.

Living in poverty means that our youth grow up in families that do not have enough income to cover their basic needs of quality education, food, health services, and transportation, among others. As a result, they do not develop the necessary skills to meet their personal and professional goals, which would allow them to escape poverty. We see families and youth with low income trapped in this cycle, generation after generation, surviving month after month.

Strategic Vision (22-25 cycle)

In three years Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico will lead the national agenda to address the learning gap and the socio-emotional well-being of children.

Strategic Map (22-25 cycle)