Shalyzbeth Rivera

Shalyzbeth Rivera is the new Bayamón Club Youth of the Year! During her seven-year career at the Club, this eleventh grade student has shown great personal development and growth, both in her self-esteem, handling of emotions, and sense of purpose.

One of the greatest satisfactions of this future psychologist is having done community work as part of the leadership program at the Club. “I have seen and experienced the social stigma against women who live in residential areas. For this reason, I developed the project ‘Empowering myself as a woman’, which aims to work with self-esteem, equality and empowerment of women through workshops”, explains the 16-year-old student.

At the Club she also learned to use the scientific method “for all situations” and, as part of the Club’s entrepreneurship program, she developed a project for the elderly. “The Club is my support network, my home and my family. I am the Club”, he explains with pride.