At Telenoticias- “Edúcate en Casa”: organization reinforces distance education

Charito Fraticelli, a journalist from Telenoticias, spoke with the president of Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico, Lcda. Olga Ramos Carrasquillo, on the organization’s new virtual platform, “Edúcate en Casa”, and the organization’s efforts to strengthen education and reduce the educational gap in children and youth.

The interview was broadcasted on Telenoticias 5 pm, where the president commented that when the closing came due to the COVID-19 emergency, they decided to continue providing services, stop direct service in the Clubs, but “move the Club home”, “to the accessibility of our children and their families ”.

In addition to the web platform, “Edúcate en Casa”, and the support through chats and closed groups that educators provide to participants, the modules that the Department of Education provided to parents in this quarantine are analyzed, to help students in their areas of greatest gap, such as mathematics.

Watch the full interview here: