Evelyn Marrero

Before pursuing her dream of becoming Youth of the Year of Boys & Girls Club of Arecibo, Evelyn had to get convinced why other kids and teens said the Club was their second home. “Once a become a member of the Club, I immediately realize why,” says the college student.

Thanks to the Club, Evely became a determined student and an empathetic leader. “While volunteering at my community, I realized the needs of people around me, especially those living in insecure homes or by themselves, like the elderly.

“The Club’s educational programs were also very rewarding. Thanks to them, I was exposed to different career choices, found out I wanted to become a nurse and could even get into college”, tells the Science in Nursing student.

Choosing a career in nursing has another meaning for her. “Losing my grandmother on my hands was devastating. I could not help her while the paramedics arrive. She was a ray of light for me and my mother,” reveals. After this hard moment in her life, Evelyn not only confirmed she wanted to be a nurse. She also established a special professional goal: to develop a public project which promotes healthy practices in vulnerable communities and offers access to health care when needed.