Keniel Díaz

“As Youth of the Year I will impact with values ​​a generation that over the years has been judged. I am confident that we can change the world with love and acceptance. “This is Keniel Díaz’s conviction, the new Youth of the Year for San Lorenzo Club.

Through his leadership, which he has developed through the Club, Keniel feels committed to promoting three fundamentals of a good leader: respect for others and the recognition that we are all important and have a unique value, tolerance and equity as a principle of justice.

At the Club, Keniel has also cultivated his talents in dance, community service, and the arts. While pursuing a career in design, he aspires to launch an eco-friendly project to protect nature and improve our relationship with it. “Boys & Girls Club of San Lorenzo gave me the knowledge to contribute to a better society. For this reason, I will always do my best to give back what I have received ”, he points out.