Wildanys M. Fuentes

From an early age, Wildanys M. Fuentes was interested in learning about human behavior, a passion that she has reaffirmed throughout her 18 years. Currently, she is studying criminal justice with a concentration in forensic psychology at the University of Puerto Rico in Carolina. “After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I will pursue a master’s degree in school psychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology. In the long run, I will establish my own children’s practice because once a child has the best tools to cope with adversity, change and conflict, he or she manages to be an upright and successful adult,” says the new Loíza Club Youth of the Year.

Part of the embrace of this reality came from her experiences at the Club which, along with support from her family and church, helped her face and overcome self-esteem and self-confidence problems. “These three environments were key during a period when, due to problems of confidence in my own abilities, my social and academic growth was affected”. At the Club, Wildanys has also ratified and blossomed her leadership, and maximized it to inspire and help others.

What obstacle or challenge have you experienced?

“During my development, I had external obstacles that changed me. However, they were not decisive. The internal obstacles were determinant, since they made my social and academic development difficult at the time. I began to have significant self-esteem and self-acceptance issues and difficulties in trusting my capacities, virtues, skills and talents. I faced problems with my confidence; I looked at myself in the mirror and could not see my inner and outer beauty, I did not believe I had the capabilities to achieve my goals and dreams. I believed I was incapable, inferior to others. Working through internal obstacles that I created was a long process, one in which three of the most important environments were involved in my formation: church, the Club and my home.

What characteristics a leader must have?

“The characteristics that a leader must possess are responsibility, consistency in his objectives, and the ability to maintain focus on what they want to achieve. In addition, he or she should be a person of integrity, disciplined, an example to follow, and a good communicator. Likewise, he must be resilient and demonstrate that despite the adversities that arise in the fulfillment of their objectives, he must continue with his plans.