A group of cryptocurrency investors led by Pedro Rivera, co-founder and organizer of the Crypto Monday’s San Juan events, donated $21,000.00 in toys to the non-profit organization Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico (BGCPR). Through a “Toy Drive”, the Christmas gifts were delivered to the Boys & Girls Club at Luis Llorens Torres public complex, one of the 11 Clubs or service centers that BGCPR has throughout Puerto Rico, from Mayagüez to Vieques.

“Our focus is on the education and preparation of our participants to obtain economic security and have the opportunity to successfully insert themselves into the global economy. Through talks that began in our Luis Llorens Torres Club, Pedro Rivera and other investors settled in Puerto Rico, have brought financial education about cryptocurrencies as a global trend to our participants. In the process, they have learned more about our programs, our 54-year history of service in Puerto Rico and, above all, about the needs of our communities that live in poverty; and they took the initiative to give away toys in this festive season that is so special for them,” expressed Olga Ramos Carrasquillo, Esq., President of the organization.

Over the past weeks, Crypto Monday’s San Juan series of events – a space for education, connection for investors and “curious crypto” – received BGCPR team to let them present the mission of the organization and the importance of supporting the sustainability of its after-school programs as an investment in the future of the country. At the end of each evening, the guest speaker made a call to make contributions to the “Toy Drive” initiative.

As part of the “Toy Drive”, our children and youth were surprised with the visit of Santa Claus as well as with gifts they longed for, such as scooters with protective gear and STEM toys, among others with an educational focus. “Christmas is a perfect time to share with our participants and give them joy and hope that a better future is possible. We thank the investors who supported this effort, as well as all the mothers and volunteers from the community who helped wrap and received the gifts, trusting that this will be the best festive season for a better New Year”, said Ramos Carrasquillo.