The community-based non-profit organization, Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico (BGCPR) successfully held its Open House to publicize the services they will offer in the eight Head Start and Early Head Start (HS and EHS) centers administered in the municipality of San Juan.

Between stations with information related to health services, housing, guidance for registration and prevention of COVID-19; children’s activities such as storytelling, music and crafts; delivery of educational materials and toys; as well as the visit to the animal farm, the recreation of a zoo with zebras, goats, lemurs and other species, and the performance of a magician; The families of the Ramos Antonini, Llorens Torres, and Las Margaritas communities had the opportunity to learn about the programs and services that their children will receive once the BGCPR HS and EHS centers open in these communities.

“Over 360 enrollment applications have originated thanks to the Open House and other initiatives that invite families from the communities of Sabana Llana Norte, Río Piedras and Santurce, to enroll their children in the eight (8) Head Start centers and Early Head Start that we administer,” explained Nora Boschetti, Director of HS and EHS of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico.

She added that “in the Head Start and Early Head Start centers of El Nuevo Milenio, Las Casas, La Providencia, Las Margaritas, Llorens Torres and Ramos Antonini we have a creative evidence-based curriculum. The play area is an extension of the classroom which triggers purposeful and transformative child development. As they play, they learn. Likewise, the art, music and sensory development spaces, where they can develop gross and fine motor skills, are culturally adapted to the populations we are serving. In the case of families, the curriculum is based on being able to achieve changes that address their role as parents and first educators of their children, in addition to being able to establish life plans to achieve established goals.”

This Monday, January 31 at 9:30 a.m., the HS and EHS center of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico in Ramos Antonini opens its doors to families who have gone through the enrollment process and socialization activities for families continue. interested in services. To receive information about enrollment services and orientation, you can write to or call (939) 238-5166.

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